What is the best route to train series?

Hi guys! I have a question that may be a bit silly, where do you do the series when you train with Zwift? If I want to train on a terrain without slopes to be able to adjust the perfect power, how could I do it?

If you do a workout then you can pick any route, because it won’t use the gradient of the route.


Thanks 4 the answer, do you mean create a workout or use one of the predefined ones or what?

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You can create a workout if you have a specific power goal.

Whether it’s an existing Zwift workout, or one you create yourself, Zwift will ignore the terrain of the route that your pick and treat it as flat. So the resistance will all be down to the power target in the workout and your cadence.

What if I don’t want the roller to be regulated to the watts that I have set, but rather to remain free?

I’m not sure I understand your question, but if you don’t want to feel the changes in terrain and also don’t want to use a workout, then turn the trainer difficulty all the way to 0% (all the way to the left), this assumes you are using a smart trainer and I’m not sure about rollers?

To do this you create a free ride workout for any length of time. Then you use the incline button on the companion app or the ± buttons on the keyboard or the onscreen menu to change the resistance as you like.

Here are a simple 1hour free ride workout: link

Solved, thank you very much to all of you, you are amazing guys!