Find Right Route in Workout

I’m doing the Racing Training Plan and having difficulty finding the intended routes for the simulation workouts…. Just done Hilly Forward in week 2, I assumed it was Watopia Hilly Route but I was going down and up in all the wrong places. Am I missing something obvious???

Hi @kathryn_jones welcome to Zwift forums.

I’m unclear what you’re asking. Are you asking about the part where you choose from the 3 or 4 default routes to do the workout, or the step beyond that where you can manually select a world & route?

This part is really unclear to me. Are you saying that the resistance during the workout didn’t match the gradient you’re seeing? As in, the uphills didn’t feel add resistance to your controllable trainer?

Hi @kathryn_jones. I think I know what you are referring to. The workouts are supposed to simulate a race on the hilly route, however, since everyone has different FTP’s it won’t match up perfectly with the actual route. Some people can climb up to the KQOM banner in just a few minutes while others may take 7 or 8 minutes.

The workouts are based on time at a certain wattage or zone, and is not determined by the terrain or the actual route. Does that make sense?

Thanks Mike. Yes that does make sense though if it sets me a power target and cadence and I hit them I’d assumed the commentary would be about correct? I wish, for those that are route specific, it popped up with that as the recommended route rather than lots of others, maybe I’ll post that in the development feed…. Thanks again!

Hi Shuji, yes, I pick a workout in my plan that is route specific but the options I’m presented with as recommended routes don’t include it…. So that’s issue one. Last night I ignored them and tried to find the route in question, the plan said Watopia Hilly Forward, the closest I could find was Watopia Hilly Route but even though I was band on the power and cadence I was given the screen description/pointers and the wattage didn’t match the terrain?

I believe route specific workouts are in development, but aren’t ready for release yet. I assume that is the type of thing you are looking for, so regardless of your FTP and speed the workout will match the terrain.

Yes I knew that but in the racing training plan the way it describes what you are supposed to be doing only makes sense if you are seeing the appropriate terrain so I assumed for those they were set up so you’d see the course as they were describing it (as long as you were at the power and cadence specified), otherwise it doesn’t really make sense. It doesn’t affect what you do as I’m doing the workout as specified but it’s just odd that they have a load of text appearing describing where you are on the route when you aren’t and that the route in question doesn’t flag up as recommended one at the beginning. I’m quite happy just thought I was maybe missing something :grin:

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Hi @kathryn_jones

I forwarded your question to the team here in charge of our training plans. Here’s what they said:

“At this time, there is not an intended route selection for these workouts. These workouts are race simulations and can be done on any course.”