Recommended courses for workouts

It would be great to have a recommended course to follow for specific workouts especially on training plans that fits the time well based on the proposed power etc. As an alternative a standard track that flexes based on the workout (allows Climb integration too) to be meore reflective of what is happening

“The best course” for a workout depends a lot on individual preferences. I do TrainerRoad workouts while riding on Zwift (TR controls the trainer); the routes I pick depend on a) the duration of the workout, b) if I have time to do a route I haven’t done yet (and the world required is available), and c) if I can do something else if a) and b) don’t match (such as go up the Alpe to gain altitude and get closer to the Tron bike goal).

Not sure the app could decide all the above for me…

I agree, but would be nice to have a suitable “fit” suggestion and was thinking specifically for Zwift workouts/training plans or even a total average power for the workout that is displayed displayed so you can check it out in other tools?

In general i was thinking a suitable time (your option b) rather than anything else as matching terrain etc would be difficult (as would personal goals/challenges) but to know that at the power you are due to use that it is possible to complete a specific course for example. sometimes short ones take a lot of time, whereas long can be quick if you see what i mean?

Yeah, I do - I run that algorithm in my brain often enough. After a while you get a better idea of which distance and vertical you can do over how much time depending on the TSS of the workout - I’m not even sure if Zwift shows IF and/or TSS for it’s workouts.

This said, I’ve tried the Mountain 8 route 3 times so far during workouts and ran short all 3 times - so much for that.