Technique tips on Zwift?

Hi All
I have used Trainer Road in the past and have, over the past couple of months started on Zwift.
I love it and I reckon it gets me on the bike more than TR did - which is the main aim right.
I probably haven’t even experienced Zwift at its best yet either as I am just doing an FTP builder at the moment.
However, one thing I am missing on those structured workouts is a bit of coaching in the form of text on the screen.
I’d love to see that feature added. It really makes you think about how you’re riding and you can take the techniques out onto the road.
Or am I missing something and I can switch it on somewhere in a setting?

Hi @Matt_Cronshaw, some of the training programs have lots of prompts and tips written by the coaches who designed them. I’ve done the gravel grinder and that is one example. I’m not sure how to tell which other ones do too, but I agree that it is an important part of the plan.

Hey Mike
Thanks for that. I’ll be sure to give the ‘Gravel Grinder’ a go then.
Let’s hope it’s a feature that can be added to the structured plans too. :+1:t2: