Training plans?

**I’m new to zwift from TrainerRoad and wondered how it works? Am I able to follow a training plan or does anyone have any tips on how to get started

Hi Darren, welcome to Zwift! There are numerous training plans and workouts you can follow or you can create a custom workout if you wish. There are also hundreds of events, group rides, and races each day that you can join. Another option is also creating your own “meetup” with your friends on Zwift where you can all ride a route together. There is lots to do and explore on Zwift! Have fun and ride on!!

As a long time user of both Trainerroad and Zwift I would suggest sticking with Trainerroad’s plans. They are much better thought out than what Zwift offers plus you have a range of volume levels. Quite a few of us use a Trainerroad workout running on one device e.g. phone while we Zwift on another for a bit of entertainment.