Trainer Road has programs, Why not Zwift?

I have been a very happy Zwift user for two years and in that time I have completed four (4) IRONMAN using your program. Although I am happy with the workouts and training programs that I find, I have seen very little improvements with my cycle. One of the challenges I have with Zwift is that for some reason you don’t have an IRONMAN/ long-course specific training program which blows my mind. This past year, for example, I believe I did you Tour deZwift program.
I was recently informed and introduced to Trainer Road and their IRONMAN specific and 70.3 specific training programs. I was surprised that they had such programs and Zwift did not.
In short, where are your IRONMAN and 70.3 specific training programs? or am I going to have to switch over to the archaic-looking Trainer Road?

I use TrainerRoad and Zwift at the same time.
I use TrainerRoad on my phone to control my smart trainer and then ride zwift on my 4K TV for the visual stimulus.

Best of both worlds.
Been a TR user for around 5-6 years now. They cannot be beaten currently for training plans and workouts and their calendaring system.

You’re a niche market. I know Seth Godin says that’s a good thing, but not for every business. :joy:

No kidding: I’d love at least one minimum 200 km loop. I hate hamster-wheeling. With a passion. If I wanted crits, I’d go outside. And at least one proper climb. Like, twice the AdZ.

But then, I can already see myself out there with the same three and a half people in my time zone, every time.

Zwift is fun, but for very specific, structured training, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Very surprising considering Jordan Rapp is one of their developers.
Zwift just needs to come out and say that they focus on Cyclist only and triathlees should stay away. I was blown away when a friend opened up his TrainerRoad app and BAM right there were 70.3 and 140.6 specific training programs.
Very conflicted on what to do here because I need the visial stimutaion of Zwift but the workouts are not the answer for what I need/ training for Kona.
It may be worth trying what Leon suggested above but seems like alot of BS to go through.

Just shocked that Zwift refuses to offer 70.3/140.6 athletes with a specific training program. But the offer riders a Tour deFrance program because there are so many ■■■■ and Harrys out there training for the Tour.

They also don’t offer a 3.77km sprint crit or a 82.6km mountain climb training plan. There are so many different cycling/tri/crit/track discipline out there they can’t focus on all of them.

There is no magic in any training plan.

You can go on the internet and search for 70.3 IM training plan and you will get a lot of them and all will be different.

Zwift made it so easy to make your own workouts or your coach can make them and you can follow your own personal plan.

I don’t think any serious athlete will just grab a random training plan and trust that it will work, they will look at al the options , evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and find a plan the fit. For beginners this will be different, any structure will improve performance.

Having options is at least an option.

Sorry for not being a serious enough athlete; being a Kona Qualifier doesn’t mean much these days.

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Sure I agree.

This may be helpful

I have not done a tri in a very long time but I noticed this workout.

Did you see this.

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