Ironman Races - Zwift Integration

Hey Zwifters,

I wanted to open up a discussion of what we as the community felt like for integrating real racecourses within Zwift to help out training. I, specifically speaking from a triathlete side, would love to see Zwift integrate a majority of the ironman & ironman 70.3 courses into Zwift so we can better train for the course when we aren’t able to pre-ride it before arriving.

Some of the major courses I can think of are, of course, Kona. But other great courses would be Arizona, Austin, St. George, Chattanooga, Mont-Tremblant, Challenge Roth, Ironman UK, Copenhagen, Austria, Zalaris Norseman, Ironman Canada (Penticton, BC), London, Frankfurt, Alpe D’Huez, just to name a few.

It would be awesome to be able to train on the elevation that you will experience to better get the body suited for the event.

I would love to hear from cyclists outside the Ironman series as well as there are come epic courses (cough) tour de France that would be a spectacular series to race in or train on within Zwift.

Honestly, I think the Ironman interest group is likely to be too small a subset of Zwifters to make it worth the time investment. I mean, so far we only have two of the iconic Tour climbs, and I’d think those more interesting to cyclists/Zwifters overall.

Instead, what I’d love Zwift to do would be a system similar to RGT’s “magic roads”. A “build as you ride” route would be great. Just load a GPX file and start riding; the game looks ahead and builds out the road up to a hundred metres ahead of you or something (i.e. laying down tarmac and scenery). The result would be the same ability for people to train on a route, but cover a lot more ground.

Might only work on PCs and Macs, but I could live with that. :smiley:


Problem with Ironman courses, and I speak as a multiple IM finisher, the courses are boring as f*** :laughing: They are long and have very little in the way of redeeming features - Take Kona, the course and route are nothing special, the landscape and conditions are what makes Kona and you can’t replicate them in zwift.
Lanza, Wales, Bolton all tough courses but wouldn’t transfer to zwift as not enough to draw people in…

But, take decent bits, Mirador or Haria climb from Lanza, Wisemans & Heartbreak hill from wales etc and use them to make up a new sister watopia island and you can do something… unfortunately I would guess there is rather small market for 112mile rolling course on zwift… if you made 20/30 mile segments of courses people would jump at the bite size options…


I believe Rouvy partnered with Ironman last year and has official routes available on it’s platform.

I’ve suggested expanding Innsbruck into a Dolomites world so you take it down to Vipiteno and then Brixen.

Just look at the Haute Route Dolomites 2017 7 day courses. It started from Innsbruck (in pouring rain and cold conditions).