Ironman 140.6 training courses

(Kiriakos) #1

Hi, i know the same subject has been mentioned before in this forum but i have not seen any reply from Zwift or any other update.
So whats the current status? Does anyone know if Zwift is working on it?


(Mike ) #2

They just released Tempus Fugit. Is that not sufficient?

(Paul) #3

It’s an little short and it’s not a 140.6 bike course.

(Marcus) #4

What exactly is the request? Why not just ride 112miles on whatever course you fancy that day? In the same sense, a 10, 25, 50, 100, etc mile time trial has no specific training course on Zwift, if you want to ride a cirtain distance you just go ride it.

Or are you requesting an entire specific route e.g. Kona bike leg be put into Zwift?

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(Kiriakos) #5

Thx for your replies, the request is about offering a series of bike training courses in Zwift in order to be able to do successfully (within the IM cut off time) the Kona bike course which is considered to be the most difficult in IM 140.6. Sorry for not describing it more accurate at the beginning.

(Paul) #6

There is also this solution which could help you:

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(Marcus) #7

Paul - that’s cool, hadn’t seen that before! Think I’ll have a play with it!

Kiriakos - I see what you mean. Zwift isn’t really built for that I don’t think. They way I would do it is simply try and ride a route for 112 miles in the cut off time (which is ~8 hours I think?). Start with easy (say tempus fugit), getting progressivley more difficult with hilly routes (112 miles of 4 horsemen in 8 hours may be a struggle!). You have to be careful though, Zwift is generous with it’s speed estimates (no wind or slowing down to turn downhill) and in IM you will be carrying a lot of extra ‘junk’ on the bike so will go a lot slower than zwift estimates (try using the Buffalo bike, or adding to your rider weight and height to make it more realistic vs your real-world rides).

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(Z Kryder) #8

Keep going till you hit 140.6 :slight_smile:
Or do Volcano laps or London Classique or Richmond Flat
Pretty simple really
No need to make a 141 km road.

(Paul) #9

An Ironman bike portion is 112 miles just to let you know.

I guess only cyclist get the course they request and triathletes get nothing. Overall, within Zwift triathletes are more or less ignored.

I guess you think I’m new to Zwift.

(Z Kryder) #10

I was quoting you. I am currently working on a 90 km distance. (I do have to convert to miles as I never use them).
It doesn’t matter if you are new or long time Zwifter. How many 90 or 180 km efforts have you done on Zwift? What course did you choose? A Strava link would be really helpful.

(Paul) #11

Every time a triathlon/Ironman course is suggested you have to somehow post against it. What is wrong with having an Ironman course or even a 28 mile flat route which I remember you were against also.

Zwift shouldn’t be inclusive to all types of riding and yes that includes triathletes which for the most part Zwift has ignored.

It’s a Feature Request, if you like it you vote it up, if you don’t you move on. No need for the negativity towards this request every time it’s posted.

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(Z Kryder) #12

You are clearly misunderstanding. I am working on another triathlon challenge. Did you complete the Diamondback Challenge?

Zwift just completed a 8 km course. You seem to suggest they make a long out and back course? That’s a huge task and course. How many would want a full Kona course. I think the popularity of the Alp surprised us all. But there are flat options mentioned above.

The question was of interest. Some pros do 100 km rides. We have 100 km events. Have you tried any? Have you done full bike length on some of the flat routes? I did 50 km on new Fuego Nice and flat. Doesn’t it make you happy to have that added for people like you that want a long flat workout or training ride.

Kona may surface some day. Working with the UCI requires work in that direction. Can triathletes encourage their organizations to team up with Zwift? If so, then you’ll see a Kona course a lot sooner. At least we are getting triathlon bike sponsors on board. And Scotty loves surfing. :chipmunk: :surfing_woman:

Stay positive. Work towards your goal. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Marcus) #13

I’ve seen this sort of thing this posted a few times, why do so many triathletes desperately need a specific course created at the exact length for their triathlon? You’re not being “ignored” in preference for cyclists, there are no courses the same length as common time trials, brevets, etc. Sure, there’s a couple of the more obscure pro road courses, but not ones that 99.9% of Zwift users would be racing in.

If road cyclists want to go a specific distance we pick a route and stop once we’ve gone that far; there are two odometers on the screen.

(Z Kryder) #14

Perhaps the best quick alternate would be a key to reset your time and mileage. This way after a warm-up, you can hit reset when you cross your starting line. It would certainly be helpful when riding a course that doesn’t have a specific timer (like Watopia Hilly or the Alp timers).