Plan/Workouts [Zwift/TR]


I want to start workout plan. Which one will be the best for start from Zwift? Or maybe plans from TrainerRoad ( i saw more training programs in TR than Zwift ) will be better? I want to increase my FTP right now. I have 6-7 days a week for 1-2h training each day so time isn’t any problem :wink: I like Zwift World, much more than TraingRoad but a lot of people say that TR is better option… What’s your opinion?


My preference is to use TR plans and workouts, but do them whilst riding in Zwift. It works well running the two apps side by side with TR controlling the resistance (if you have a smart trainer). Many do the same

With the hours you have to train, i think you would find the one size fits all approach of Zwift plans not suitable for your needs