Zwift academy or TT tune up training plan?

(Linzi L-P) #1


i have an A race in 10 weeks time and would like to be at my peak performance. Can anyone help me on which of the above training plans would be best to get my cycle times quicker. The race is a 10mile TT.


(Nigel Doyle) #2

You want a training plan that increases your FTP so the FTP booster plan is probably more suitable. To be honest if you want to get faster then Trainerroad’s plans are much better than Zwift’s training plans.

(T Smythe) #3

Definitely go for the TT plan at this stage as you want the specificity. That plan doesn’t have a taper week if I recall correctly so you’ll have to start it right away and design your own taper or copy a taper week from loads of places.

I’ve built a training plan on TrainingPeaks based on the Zwift Academy workouts. It’s alright. Added in extra endurance work and recovery rides. But you’re not going to get anything anywhere close to as good as that TT plan out of the prescribed Academy workouts. 

That TT plan looks like one of the most decent on Zwift. Maybe not as hardcore in terms of interval length as you would get on TR or elsewhere (ie. no brutal 40 to 45min efforts around threshold), but it does look like it’s got proper work on it regardless. 

Hope Zwift get some more serious training plans in soon, would just make Zwift so complete. Always platform hopping these days and it’s because of the training plans!