TT plan for beginners

At 52 I am about to register for my first race ever: A time trail on a brand new highway (prior to opening up for cars). I am not an experienced cyclist, but been on Zwift for 4-6 hours for the last year. The time trial is just for fun, but I would like to start a training plan. I am planning to do a longer outdoor ride at weekends (50-100km). Perhaps one more outdoor ride during weekdays. My FTP/kg is 3,6w/kg. I do Alpe du Zwift in about 60 minutes on a good day. What will be a good and flexible training, aa mix of Zwift and outdoors , riding 8-10 hours a week?

60min alpe du zwift usually takes >3wkg!

race as you train and train as you race.

if you want to specialise in TT efforts, you need to practice TT efforts.
if it’s an outdoor TT, positioning on the bike and $$$ spent on the bike is half the battle.
buy some tri-bars and attach them to ur zwift setup so u can get comfortable in the TT position.

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Thanks for replying. Made a calculation mistake: FTP is 3,6 w/kg.Edited the original post. Will buy TT bars for my road bike, thats also my setup for the race.

Zwift workouts: TT TuneUp | What's on Zwift? has a brutal reputation from around week 5, but you could use it as a guide for rides outside as well as on Zwift.

My current 20min power is a little higher than it was in Feb '20 when I did this workplan, but back then 30-60min sustained efforts felt far less daunting and draining because I was doing them far more often than I’ve done in the last six months while recovering from a four week flu. On Sunday, I beat my previous best Alpe Du Zwift time set in Feb '20 (that was a freeride extension of “Cruise Intervals #6”), but it was a real struggle and I’ve kept things very easy since.

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I think as others have said, try it, you definitely need a good base which by the sounds of it you have, see how you go, be interesting to hear how get on, I thought about doing this.

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Forgot to write anything about the TT course: flat 20 km , straight ahead - no technical course

do u know how to pace a TT like that?
supposedly it’s better to go slightly easier for first 10k then slightly harder for 2nd 10k rather than holding steady pace :3
i usually end up going too hot out the gate and run out of gas XD

the sessions i did to reach a 5wkg ftp for the extremely short amount of time i had it were

3x~8mins@slightly over ftp
sometimes some 3x~5mins@vo2, 2x7 works too if you can stomach the interval length

no training plan necessary just pick whatever session you feel like doing on a given day but try to get in 3x sessions a week, if you can add in extra z1/z2 time then even better. you can make the sessions yourself in the workout builder or if you like to rest completely between intervals like me then you can just use the lap button on your gamin or your phone clock or whatever. it doesn’t have to be complicated

Man that sounds smooth. I remember when I was a kid I was so excited to skateboard around the pavement in a new subdivision before they opened it to cars… But biking for a full race on completely new pavement would be so sweet!

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