Training plans

(Bill Verdon) #1

I imagine a solid training plan will not be available until it is too late for me to take advantage until this coming fall/winter (when I get back on trainer duty), but it would be great to sort of beta test that stuff once there is something going. Trainer Road has a great plan and seems pretty mature (and getting better) so hope it will be at least as good but there is certainly opportunity to be vastly better. Is there a way you guys could share what you may have planned for this sooner than later?

(Garden Velo ZZRC) #2

I’m also hoping training plans show up before spring.

(James Prosperi SASCC) #3

A decent training package would be great and a real deal maker for me and I am sure many others out there as it would make the game/program a full suite and very useful. I personally would like to see something like:

On screen display and/or switchable overlay or mini-screen graphics showing power curve against time and customisable analysis stats.

Perhaps an option for double monitors, one with stats and graphs and timing and the other just for the game, course view would be awesome option. 

Coaching with tips, visual and audible prompts to push and guide as required.

Different course options for FTP training, sprint training, perhaps intervals with markers on the road?

Virtual training partner to help urge you on, beat a previous record.

Multiple training packages such as FTP and SS intervals, vo2max, strength, endurance, technique etc.

This would be awesome to have.

Zwift could truely be the one go to indoor cycling package that does it all - serious training, racing, social and gaming fun and most of all make those cold, dark winter mornings and evenings more bearable to ride.

So much potential!


(Yuji Horimoto) #4

Something like this would be great!  Maybe a collaberation with TrainerRoad? It would be cool to have customize courses that would tailor to the training session.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

They are coming :slight_smile:

(Bill Verdon) #6

Still looking to see if there is ANY info regarding training plans before I invest a 6 week program with TR. Trying to see if you will be using a certified coach to assist with coming up with analysis tools to assist with picking plans and what features are included in the plans.

I know…I know…their coming.  

(Tony Wilson) #7

Would be nice to view training plans on the web page, rather than on the simulator only.

(William Davies) #8

Absolutely agree - would be great to plan training before setting up the kicker etc

But initial impressions are that this is a superb product that beats Trainer Road

(Paul Burgon) #9

I wish there was better training instruction available. For example, I want to select a training program but I don’t see any guidance on the advantages of one program over the other, so how do I know which is best for me? And then there are different sessions, but no calendar or guidance on how to schedule them. For example, zwift academy has 9 sessions for month one. How do I schedule those throughout the month? I can’t find any instruction on that. It’s very frustrating, as I’m new to training and I need some scheduling and training plan help. TrainerRoad has all this; excellent help on how to select the right program, and a complete calendar to properly implement that program every day. Why can’t your training programs have that?? It makes me think about swapping my membership to TrainerRoad instead of Zwift. I like your community but I need better training programs.