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I would like to suggest having more options in Zwift and a bit more statistics. I understand that for many Zwift might be like just a game experience but for majority it could be a serious training tool. Most people investing in smart trainers, etc. do it for a reason.

Therefore I would love to see things like power curves for a ride or for selected period of time in order to see how it improves. And generally more information like on strata or Garmin connect where you can analyze you workouts in more depth.

I think this could be done even without disturbing people who are not interested in it by adding an option in setting for EXPERT fields. Similar to what KODI developers have done for their platform. After selecting EXPERT level you can just do so many more advance options and stuff.

I know it would take some serious time to re-develop Zwift in that direction but it would be great to see. Maybe something like ZWIFT 2 or ZWIFT PRO

I would love to have all this features like annual training plans, notifications, goals, monitoring, coaching.

Sure you guys have created such a great tool which is getting such a popularity, you could definitely invest in it. Also I am sure the Zwift users would even donate towards such things!!


Hi Pawel, Zwift certainly is a serious training tool and many people use it as such (including a few pro cyclists).   Have you tried doing a structured workout on Zwift? At the end you get a complete graph as well as a Critical Power curve.  We also save out all data at 1 second intervals to a .fit file which can be used on all the major training analytics services like Training Peaks, Garmin, and Strava.  

I think we’ll be showing more and more data in Zwift over time, but for now there are so many post-ride analysis tools out there we expect most of that to occur ‘after the ride’ so to speak, just like in real life.

Proper training plan support is in if you use Todays Plan - your coach can upload activities to his coaching account and all athletes who use Zwift will see the next workout show up automatically.  We’re working with other coaching platforms to integrate this with them as well. 

Many of us are data geeks here, so you’re not alone, but given the features Zwift has now I think it is still a perfectly valid serious training tool - equivalent to riding outside in many ways.

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Hi Jon,

Yes you right, I think I probably didn’t use the right words. What I meant really was lack ability to log in at any time, through web or platform in order to analyze past workouts, being able to pull data for longer periods, see power curves, etc.

Yes there is power curve after the workout (I’ve done quite a few already) but it appears only for short time. I would love to be able to see all those details whenever I login and click particular workout. Or filter custom period of time and see it for that period and maybe compare it to different period of time.

And yes it’s great that at least we can connect with strava/training peaks and do it there, I just thought it would be nice having it in Zwift itself.

I am not sure though what did you mean regarding Training Plan support and using Todays Plan. Is that in Zwift or on another platform?

And please don’t take me wrong as well, I think Zwift is great tool with serious engine and maybe it’s just my personal view that I would make it a bit more advanced and probably re-design the look a little as well to mirror this. And I don’t mean how Zwift itself works but more the options for post workout analysis and stuff. It’s more like a wish I think. And I know you guys working hard and constantly improve the software.

Thanks for taking time to answer to my post anyways.

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I think having Zwift .FIT files include TSS and IF, in addition to NP would be a great start and easier since there’s not major additional UI build out needed!  But this would allow Zwift’s workouts, races, and rides to be better understood by the various ride log platforms for intensity monitoring, etc.  Especially since you cannot break into the detail of a ride within Zwift to see it’s summary again once things are closed out.

I hope that with this increase in the Zwift monthly fee that will became the highest priority to develop.


With that monthly price tag that is the functionality i want to have, the data analysis of all my workouts and rides in zwift and not be dependent on another software (Trainning peaks, trainer road, etc) to be able to get those infos

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My opinion is that Zwift should focus on road building and the riding experience and give enough info in the fit files to other platforms to handle the data analysis. 

Most serious cyclist train on the road and online and it is nice to have all your training data in one place.

I have over 10years data on SportTracks and I can compare all my current stats to past performance.



I cannot agree on that at all.


That should be the main focus and not new bitts of road or group workouts if you cannot have the schedule of the workouts available, if you need to have subsctritions to other tools to be able to analise the data that zwift is generating.

Not all the atletes and zwift users have 10 years of data in another place, if you are a training tool and ask for 15€ you need to provide the tools youself and not say to go to another tool and pay for another service elsewhere


If you ride on Zwift and the road, which most cyclist do then having one place for all your data makes since, i.e. Strava.

I am sure there will be improvement to the data available on the website, but for most it will not replace Stava or other site.

I agree with Gerrie in that Zwift needs to focus on expanding roads/worlds and also more levels for us that have been stuck on 25 forever.

But you have nothing at the moment.


I´m not comparing with stava, i´m comparing with the other training tools like Trainer road and training peaks for example.

In zwift where can i see the workouts i have planed for today? for example How can i see my 6 weeks plan in my calendar to see what i need to do and when, and do litle changes if nedded? how can i have my coach plan for me? how can i analise the data of my workouts? How can i see my evolution?


The data is there, the workouts are there, but where is the rest? Why do i need another richmond or another 3kmls road if the workout mode is still in beta mode and incomplete?

I agree with Gabriel.

Pawel - you are far to polite :).

Zwift - listen to your customers. OK some people are defending you and you could say you are listening to them, but they aren’t the ones who will drop their subscription.

The data is there - you even display it at the end of the ride, so just make it available post ride. (So I can see it after a shower rather than when I have just killed myself on a workout).

I like the idea of ZWIFT 2 or ZWIFT PRO, but if that then costs more - then hello free Tacx free software, goodbye Zwift game.