Reports and analytics

(Mark Nelson) #1

Would love the ability to look at metrics for workouts over time including, power, duration, cadence, speed, etc.  also have the ability to share the data so other community members can see your historical data.

(Marcs Arcs) #2

I think what you’re after is Strava

(Mark Nelson) #3

Strava is a data consumer but it’s in no way a metrics or analytics platform.  Zwift shouldn’t depend on strava to serve that purpose.  Strava doesn’t even have their public api in order so their ability to deliver an analytics service is questionable to begin with.

(Marcs Arcs) #4

From what you described in your initial post, it sounds like Strava would cover it. As a premium user you can also see how much time you spent in all your heart rate and power zones, there’s a fitness and freshness page that quantifies your current condition in to a single number. This helps you manage your fatigue levels.  

As a cycling enthusiast Strava provides me with enough data that I can see how well i am doing, but not so much that I sit in front of a screen looking at numbers more than I go riding.  If you ask me what other metrics I wanted that starve didn’t, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you.

(Mark Nelson) #5

Appreciate your feedback, but I’ve been a premium user of strava for 5 years.  It’s not an analytics tool.  full stop. It’s data collection and makes an aggregated assessment.  Strava is a workaround, not a solution.  

Assuming the metrics are streamed into an HDFS store into Amazon S3 (likely over Kafka) and then some real time streaming compute is being performed with spark, storm or samza, there could be some very powerful analytics and metrics visualization offered on top of it.  An OSS platform such as kibana fronting elastic search would be amazing.

(Mark Hodos) #6

Agree with Mark.  Strava also makes me uneasy because they strip all power values from your files, even if you have a power meter.  Thus, they are modifying files that didn’t even originate on their platform.  Naughty.  What else might they do in the future?

What if Zwift could somehow license/integrate with Golden Cheetah?  Or, now that I think of it, who’s up for turning Golden Cheetah into a web service and putting it on the cloud?  How would we pay for the bandwidth?  Or could Zwift do it as a loss leader type of thing to both give back to the community and advertise Zwift?  A truly open analytics platform like that would be very cool.