Fitness metrics plotted over time

Does anybody know how to see past fitness metrics? I’d like to know what was my zFTP, zMAP, and VO2 max two months ago so that I can track my progress.

Team Zwift,

It would be cool if this were a standard feature. Please consider adding a graph with zFTP, zMAP, and VO2 max plotted over time. It would be a useful tool for your customers to track their progress.

It would also be cool to see a graph of peak power data plotted over time.

I wish Zwift had more analytics like those you describe. I just wanted to get basic metadata about all my workouts in a spreadsheet, but did not find any easy way to do it. I ended up writing a Chrome extension (Zwift Feed Scraper) to pull the information out. But that functionality should ideally be native to the website, and not require a third-party developer to add it on.