FTP and other development charts

I would love to see detailed progress over time in charts, either in the Companion app or my.zwift.com.

  • FTP
  • hours spent/week
  • KM/Week or month
  • meters climbed/week
  • meters climbed accumulated
  • XP earned/week or month
  • avg heart rate
  • avg cadence


But you can already see all of that in Strava, Garmin connect and Golden Cheetah. Those programs will also keep track of your outdoor rides, so you will have a better picture of your fitness.

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That is true, but I use Polar, and syncing from Zwift to Polar is not possible. Strava could maybe solve this, but that would require a Strava subscription. One can only have so many subscriptions…

All those I mentioned is free.

Please tell me how to see your fitness development over time in Strava.

Install the elevate app in Strava (also free)

This would be great and doesn’t seem like it would be all that difficult to implement. But it has been requested for years.

But why if it is already in so many free programs. Strava has been developing for years and years. I don’t think we need Zwift to focus on something that is already out there, especially when it is free.

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Gerrie - Strava does not provide the information requested. Not even if you pay for it.

Zwift bills them selves as a platform for serious training. They provide workouts and training plans, but almost nothing to track that training or your fitness level. You seem to be happy to use multiple third party websites, add-on, applications etc. to supplement Zwift. Others of us are less enthusiastic about that approach and would like Zwift to provide more information about our training, directly.

So, yes, I do want Zwift to spend some time developing these features. I really could not care less about gravel bikes, but I sure would like to track my fitness level on my.zwift.com.

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Ditch the silly Polar and get a real head unit. Then you can use something decent like TrainingPeaks and WKO5.

Totally agree snore. Why this isn’t part of Zwift is puzzling. Especially considering how easy it would be to do as the data is already stored.

Totally agree. It would be awesome for me to have basic development charts.
For example I would like to see how my critical power chart evolves… zwift already produces that in the ride report, why not let us see that in our profile?

I know there are other free apps with great charts, but I don’t need all that complexity and I don’t want to share my data…