Analyze our activities

Would not it be interesting if we could analyze our activities from “My Zwift”?
I know that through Strava we can do it, but when we raise the price we will have to give up this, and it would be interesting to be able to study our trainings from the same Zwift website

I would still prefer to analyze it on Strava since you can compare Zwift rides and IRL rides all in the same place. That being said, there are upgrades to the Zwift website coming and could include more data available to be analyzed.

I use Golden Cheetah to analyze my rides

Its free and very good


So many people use Strava and/or TrainingPeaks (or Garmin Connect or Golden Cheetah or WKO+ or…), that I’m reticent to try to introduce a bunch of redundant features that would never be as good as software explicitly dedicated to the exact purpose of training file and training load analysis.

Certainly not opposed considering some additional basic features, but there are just so many applications/sites out there right now - most of the which we partner with - that offer this, that doing a really fully featured training log just doesn’t seem to make sense.

Something like hours & miles per week, CTL, ATL are certainly doable, but the issue is that we can never capture any activities that you do outside of Zwift, which leaves a pretty incomplete picture vs TP/Strava/Connect.

The one feature that I think might be useful would be an interactive CP curve. Right now, you can only see that in-game. And I can see people wanting to access that.

What other core features would you envision us offering? What do you want to analyze?


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