Statistics and Progress?

Hi, I am new to Zwift and feel addicted after two rides!

I am curious if there are any menus I can go to and see graphs of my fitness over time?

For example, I can see on strava, my runs outside on a certain route and see how I am progressing in fitness:

Hi Micheal,

You can link Zwift to Strava then you track your progress there.

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or Training Peaks

I just connected, after my ride today. Will that ride get pushed over or only new rides?

I think you will have to manually upload your older .fit files to Strava.

So just tried this and it worked!

One more quick question, is the map just completely useless and made up when I upload a Zwift workout? See picture below of my watopia upload lol

Kind of, it’s a real island, but Watopia is complete fantasy. Your rides in real places like NY, London, Richmond, etc. Will be the actual real world map and location.

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It would be cool if Zwift made a deal with Strava so you could see your rides/runs on watopia in their app. Since zwift has no good way to review rides and statistics it would be nice if they could work something out with Strava!

You can and will see them, maybe I’m not understanding your question? All the features of Strava will exist for your rides in Watopia, segments, PR’s, KOM’s etc…

If you look at the map screenshot in my comment above its a watopia course but its just laid over randlmy on earths map since watopia doesnt exist… It would be cool if Zwift gave strava an actual map of watopia they could plot your ride on.

@Michael_Jones2 unfortunately that is something that currently isn’t possible. Since Strava is built around IRL riding all the data passed to it must correspond to a real location in the world. Zwift chose that island for Watopia due to its remote nature and to allow its early users to utilize Strava.

You would need to talk to Strava about them building out a Watopia island but highly doubt this is something they are interested in since the majority of their users (most likely) record outdoor rides/runs.