Workout Mode Speed/Distance Data Not Posted to Strava?

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #1

I built a workout and did my first ride in workout mode last night - which I loved BTW. In my Strava post, the usual Watopia map was not displayed nor was any speed or distance data - although speed and distance were generated in-game. Distance shows 0 miles on Strava. Time was indeed properly recorded and displayed as well as related power data.

Is this normal behavior for workout mode? I tried tagging the workout both as a regular ride and a virtual ride with no change.

If so, why wouldn’t workout mileage be recorded like any other social ride? I’d like to have all of my mileage data recorded.



(Juha Ronkko) #2

Maybe something went wrong during upload.

You could try to delete ride from Strava and upload it manually. You can get the .fit file from your profile here in