Strava Ride Time and Distance

I’ve noticed that rides uploaded directly from Zwift aren’t counted towards your annual or club stats. On my club’s page it says I’ve done nothing this week even though I did 2 sessions on Zwift. Maybe this is a Strava question. It logs the ride as a “Virtual Ride” which isn’t counted towards my total distance or time.


Is there a way around this?



I’ve asked Strava a similar question recently. The reply was that ‘Zwift rides aren’t real, they’re virtual’. No work around was offered because, according to Strava, that’s the way it should be!

I sent a reply arguing that the data Strava receives – HR, power, distance, cadence – is all the same as would be generated in a “real” ride, and my sweat and fatigue is certainly no different! But Strava didn’t reply the that.

Seems to me that Strava is happy to embrace Zwift members but hasn’t give a lot of thought to what we’re doing (except to say that it ‘isn’t real’).


On closer inspection, it’s registering that I did the time and distance, but on the club page, it says I’ve ridden zero miles and zero time.

It makes no sense because if I log my turbo session via my Garmin, it’ll says I did ride for that time and distance.


It includes the time within the total workout time but the time isn’t logged as time ridden. Just as part of the total time. This creates an inconsistency as all other turbo time logged on my garmin is included as time spen riding. A minor detail but annoying if you’re an Data junkie OCD kind guy (which is most of us on here I suspect! :slight_smile: )