No Strava Distance data

(Scott Clement) #1

Bit of a weird one, when I complete a ride and it saves to Strava it is showing up with all the usual data including distance, but the ride is now showing up in my training log and it doesnt add the distance to my weekly total…

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Scott, can you point me to your strava activity with this issue? My weekly total looks correct on my account.

(Scott Clement) #3

here is the link to my strava profile…

thanks for looking into it. kinda strange, maybe its something I have done but since I set up the auto upload to strava it hasnt been logging my rides

(Scott Clement) #4

actually. turns out I’m just retarded…data is there. Think I may need glasses!

(Scott Evans TeamSpin) #5

Not to ressurrect something from the dead, but I have this issue as well now on Watopia.  I know there’s a time difference and all but I see the activity in my feed and it adds the mileage to my team’s page but in my weekly mileage, nada…


here’s my page as of this moment, whatcha think about why this might be happening?  time issues so just check again later or something more?