Strava sync issue

Strava does not seem to be acknowledging the milelage I’m uploading from Zwift (though it was working before on the Island route). Everything else seems to be there (distance, power, cadence, etc), but although my mileage is documented correctly in the Strava activity file, it is now not being added to my weekly Strava distance totals. Anyone else have this problem?

Mileage data delayed by twelve hours but does get updated eventually.

Its because of the time zone difference between Watopia and wherever you’re based.  For me, the time of day for the ride posted on strava is local time + 11 hrs.  Strava only looks at rides between start of the week and current time, not looking to the future/end of the week.

my two sessions have not been sync’d to Strava.  is there a problem ?