Incorrect time/date transfer to strava for run files only


When I ride in Zwift, the time/day transfer to Strava is perfect. When I run, ON THE SAME COMPUTER, the time/date stamp going to strava is off and is always the next day. The time stamp on “my activities” on the zwift website is correct for the run, it just seems when it goes to strava it’s wrong. but only for runs?

Hello, I have the same issue. Andrew, thank you for bringing this up. My timezone is Mexico City, Mexico.

It appears off by 13 hours for me (I’m eastern time zone). My guess is that it’s the “actual” time of the island where watopia is in the pacific…

This is an issue on Strava’s end as they think you actually were in the middle of the Pacific ocean, so they offset the timezone over there.

They say they should be able to support the change for Virtual Runs soon, just like they do for Virtual Cycling, but I don’t have a timeframe as to when it’ll actually happen.  If you post the issue on their forum and get other Zwift runners to up-vote it maybe that will accelerate the process.  They need to know Strava users care about it getting fixed before they can prioritize it.

Thanks Jon. I figured it was similar to the issue that existed a while back for ride as well going to other strava. They fixed that problem so I’ll post on their forum as well. Appreciate the response!

Here’s a Strava post. Everyone who would like this, please add your comment, and upvote.

I received this response from Strava Support, so it sounds like it will be fixed soon:

Hello Craig,

In the upcoming week, Zwift runs should be labeled as Virtual Runs that hopefully fixes this issue. However if you continue to have problems by the end of next week, please let us know. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

Strava Support Team