Zwift and Strava different workout times !

Today I started my workout at

12:04 PM Sep 14, 2017

Strava shows that it was done:

02:04 on Thursday, 14 September 2017

Were you running in Richmond? If you were, that would be why…there’s no good “virtual run” time correction yet. It’s not a Zwift thing, it’s a Strava thing.

If this was a ride, however, it should have auto-corrected to your timezone and set itself to a “Virtual Ride”.

I just did a ride at 10.43am today, it shows up on Strava as 6.03pm tonight (4 hours in the future…)


Its doing the same for me, rode zwift 20:00hrs UK time on Friday and it is showing in Strava as 6:01am Saturday!!