Strava Time of Activity

(Matt McLennan) #1

Hi, I have just done a ride on the Richmond Circuit beginning at 5:16am (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on 3rd September, 2015, but it is showing in Strava as 3:16pm on 2nd September, 2015.

Is there a way that I can update this, or is there a setting that I should be changing?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Currently Strava uses the time zone of the location of the ride, which would be Richmond VA.  Soon (very very soon) they will fix this to use the timezone of the user for “Virtual Rides”, which Zwift rides count as.  We’ll update you here when Strava makes that change.

(Dave Dixon) #3

“Here”? “very very soon”?

(Jon Mayfield) #4

Strava fixed the issue about 14 months ago.

(Dave Dixon) #5

My Zwift rides are still time-tagged on Strava with the local time in the virtual ride’s (virtual) location. How do I make the time tags correspond to the time I did them in MY time zone?