Save and automatically upload activities in rider's local timezone

It would be nice to have the option of saving and/or uploading to 3rd party apps (Strava) in the rider’s timezone.  For example, for someone living in Dallas, TX, the activity would be saved/uploaded in U.S. Central Time zone.  This would allow a rider to see when they actually did the ride in their own timezone.

Strava shows rides on Watopia occurring in the Solomon Islands at UTC +11, and if we change that on our side it’ll mean that Strava won’t be able to detect that rider X rode with rider Y. The current implementation is the lesser of two evils, but we’re working with Strava to see if they are willing to give us a way to make both the correct time show up AND still keep the “rode with” feature working.

If you do want to change your timestamps, a fellow Zwifter wrote a great blog article about how to do it.

Why not give people the option of changing the time zone so its local.  I could careless if Strava matches me with people but i want my rides to show up on the “correct” day.

I have a program which updates the time in the FIT file and I then upload this to Strava.

This is a big problem for making my Strava training logs accurate. I don’t care at all about rides showing up with other people.

@Jason K. Is there any movement on this issue. I enjoy my Zwift, but having to manually change the time after upload is not really acceptable after this amount of time. In addition to having to manually upload to Garmin Connect (I am integrated with my Garmin watch and app for other activity tracking) with no possible remedy is getting close to a deal breaker. I can use my KICKR with other apps.

Surely Zwift could alter my .fit file based on a preference setting, just before saving and uploading. There are only 24 timezones, after all.

Anything actually under development yet?

Agree  - this issue is a pain, and I’m also beginning to look at alternatives to Zwift!