Please add rider Time Zone selection

Please, please add time zone feature.  Adds value by eliminating hassles when uploading fit file to TrainingPeaks. A simple pull down menu for users to select time zone would add value to Zwift.   (also might add option to automatically upload to TrainingPeaks like TrainerRoad offers…)  

I would like to hear of other’s experiences with time zone effects.

In my experience it is TrainingPeaks that would need to change the way it handles time zones. 

I load up the .fit file locally on my computer and export a .tcx file which I  send to Suunto Movescount, who automatically sends it on to TP. 

Movescount  sets the time correctly for where I am, whilst TP sets the time to local time where the activity was performed (virtually).

Agree. When I’m working out,I don’t care what time it is in Micronesia. I want my training logs to reflect when I did the workout.

I landed here because I’m trying to find an easy (and possibly enough automatic) to sync data from my Suunto (heart rate, cadence and some other minor parameters) with data from Zwift. One way is merging the two .FIT files, but still there are some difficulties. What I dream of, is having power, speed, distance and track from Zwift to Suunto Movescount Platform. Any idea? 

Not to hijack this thread, but, Bernardo, to address your question, I’m using the FitnessSyncer  service to port data from Garmin Connect to Movescount. At this time, however, FS cannot auto-port Zwift data from Garmin to Suunto. My workaround is to download the GPX file from Garmin and upload to FS, which then ports to Suunto. The only thing not ported to Suunto is power, which is derived from the trainer. All other data (HR, speed, cadence, etc.) moves perfectly.