Timezone still a PROBLEM

Is there any movement on the timezone issue? I enjoy my Zwift, but having to manually change the time after upload is not really acceptable after this amount of time. In addition to having to manually upload to Garmin Connect (I am integrated with my Garmin watch and app for other activity tracking) with no possible remedy is getting close to a deal breaker. I can use my KICKR with other apps.

Surely Zwift could alter my .fit file based on a preference setting, just before saving and uploading. There are only 24 timezones, after all.

Anything actually under development yet?

These are more Garmin issues than they are Zwift issues. 

I have no issues with time zones when I upload to Strava, but with Garmin I do. 

Garmin will no longer except direct uploads to Garmin Connect from 3rd party apps or devices. 

If your watch is able to have the trainer connect to it, you could use that in conjunction with Zwift. I have been done this for my rides and it works just fine.

Indeed if garmin would allow for 3rd party uploads then this wouldn’t be an issue. The FIT file standard specifies we store time in UTC.

The issue was resolved with Strava over a year ago - Garmin hasn’t even begun to work on support as far as I know.


What about the sync website https://tapiriik.com/

This will let you sync and upload activities to Garmin. Time zone is still messed up though using tapiriik.

FYI sporttracks was having issues with Zwift times as well.  They sort of fixed it after my recent support ticket.

I did what I could, and raised an issue to Garmin via twitter, the support rep was helpful, but determined, what we all know is happening. That they are using the local time of the virtual ride to import the data. 

Since they are unwilling to work directly with Zwift to support direct upload, and it’s a matter of interpretation how virtual rides should be considered, they don’t consider it a defect. I’m more than a little disappointed they don’t see the value in supporting virtual rides. I don’t understand the .fit file protocol well enough to know if there could be a way to adjust the time details accordingly.
I do sort of question the logic behind the issue being on the ingestion side. Why is it that all these applications do it wrong, if they are all generated at one place? Is the there something open to interpretation on how .fit sorts dates, or is the concept of ‘virtual’ inconsistently considered elsewhere? Perhaps we can get the .fit standard updated to support a definition that would work consistently across platforms.