Wrong Time Zone - Garmin Connect

I use a tablet and run on a zwift compatible treadmill. My runs sync to both Garmin Connect and Strava.

When I hover over the time in Garmin Connect it says Greenwich Standard time and incorrect. In Garmin Connect profile settings the upload time zone is my correct time zone and always has been. The time/date of my run in Strava is correct and was uploaded at the same time, my time zone in my tablet that I have zwift running on is correct. Everything seems to be the right time, except garmin connect which reverts to greenwich time putting my runs a day in the future. It’s like it doesn’t understand how to read the zwift upload and then just defaults to greenwich, but Strava does know how to read the upload correctly. IDK, I am stumped.

As an added funny bit, I didn’t bother to put on my HR monitor and don’t have anything to measure # of strides, I can manually change the date/time, but then it tells me my HR and strides are not in acceptable ranges, because they are zero and I have to make up a number that is high enough to trick it. I worry doing that will impact training suggestions by Garmin, lol.

Any suggestions on how to fix this.

I also am having this problem

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Me too, I have same problem, any updates about this issue?