Strava Uploads 5 years out!

Zwift uploads to Strava are dated 6th Jan 2015 rather than today’s date.

Zwift also won’t upload to Garmin (probably recent disruption). I have tried to upload the file to Garmin manually and it also fails.

I have run the .fit file through a file fixer and uploaded to Garmin successfully.

Any ideas?

What is the date and time on the device that you are running Zwift on?

I run it on windows PC. Time and date is correct.

I have never seen this issue. What is your setup?

Zwift on Windows 10 PC.

Android companion App - Pixel 3XL, latest Android

All sensors connect to companion App
Wahoo Kickr Snap
Garmin Dual HRM
Garmin Cadence Sensor 2

Zwift connected to Garmin & Strava.

Times zones correctly set in Strava and Garmin and on PC & Phone of course.

I’m having a similar issue. My rides are posted to Strava about 14 hours earlier than when I completed my ride. I’m also using Zwift with a windows 10 PC. My Time and date are set correctly on my Iphone, pc, and Strava.

I would check time zone on both your PC and on Strava.

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All my time zones were correct. In the end, I disconnected my Garmin account altogether and now manually add the to Garmin by exporting from Strava