Bad time data on Strava upload.

Tried to upload my ride to Strava and got a bad time file error. Any ideas how to fix it? Would love to fix the data and re-upload if possible


Yes, I had the same issue after riding my Thanksgiving Metric. I’ve opened a ticket with support and sent them the file.


I sent mine to Zwift as well. Hopefully they can fix it. I tried to use a garmin fix tool but the errors are much more diverse than the normal ones from garmin.

@Greg your ride was killer today. Your KOM was quick!

For Garmin Connect at least, loading the FIT file into Golden Cheetah then exporting as TCX works. My guess is there’s a really good chance the same fix would work for Strava if you guys want to get your data up sooner rather than later. Worth a try at least.

I was able to examine my corrupt .fit file. For a small portion at the bottom of the file there is some wildly inaccurate date/time information. Dates that jumped into the future…like Jan/Mar/Apr 2015.

I was able to fix the file using the .fit Repair Tool and upload to Strava, although Strava rounded the mileage down by 1.3 miles and seemed to lose about 4 minutes of time.

The .fit data showed 103.06km and 3:05:56 time. The Strava upload showed 100.9km and 3:00:45 time.

On TrainingPeaks the correct info from the file was recorded.

BTW, if any of you guys with corrupt .fit files want to email me your files I can probably fix them for you.

greg at greg gibson dot com.


I looked at another riders corrupt .fit file tonight. About midway through the ride the timestamps were way off…there were timestamps dated 2019!

I think something is up on longer riders.

Email sent, thanks Greg!