Zwift .fit files corrupted in Cycling Analytics

I have found that whilst I can download a .fit file from Zwift and upload/import it without problem to both Strava and Golden Cheetah, the same file appears corrupted if uploaded directly to Cycling Analytics (

Here’s a screenshot:

Heart rate and elevation data disappears, and all other data is corrupt.

I can export the same file from Golden Cheetah to Cycling Analytics and it appears fine, so there is something in the fit file, as it is written by Zwift, which is upsetting Cycling Analytics.

This is occurring consistently.

Seeing the same. The GPX file exported from Strava -> CA works, but Strava export doesn’t give me any power data.

For now, I just dual record the ride using my Garmin head unit as well… Be nice if this worked…

same problem here.

this would be so easy to figure out if fit files were human readable instead of a proprietary binary format idealized by the Microsoft of GPS. Maybe you could offer a different format for export, but please include power data, which Strava for some unknowing reason chooses not to export.

@Jed, fit files are extremelly versatile, extensible and small and certainly not completely unreadable. The documentation to read the file is online as well as multiple tools to transform fit files into other formats. ANT even provides a fit to csv converter which if you want, you can then use to import to excel or whatever. It is actually quite smart of Zwift to use fit files.

@Paulo, fit files are binary, therefore not ‘human readable’ and are governed under a specific software license: FIT protocol license. I shouldn’t have to agree to a Fit licensing agreement in order to get my data out of Zwift.