Incorrect activity start time data



My Zwift is synced to Training Peaks and Strava. Whenever i finish a ride on Zwift, it automatically uploads to both other platforms. But the start time of my activity is always wrong - every time it shows as 8 hours behind (so for example, i started a workout today at 6.38am and the start time on Strava and Training Peaks shows as 10.38pm last night). 


How can this be fixed? I thought it might be a problem with my time zone settings in Strava and/or TP but I’ve reset those twice in accordance with instructions from support staff, and no joy. And in any case, the fact that the same (-8 hours) start time is showing in both TP and Strava  suggests that the error is with Zwift pushing incorrect data to my synced accounts.


I can’t see an option in Zwift, either online or in the app, to change time zone.


Please help. It’s really frustrating, particularly because I have just started exporting workouts set by my coach from TP and completing them in Zwift - and the time zone inconsistency means that my workouts are not synced and don’t show as completed in my TP account (so my coach keeps asking why I’m doing the workouts the night before!). It also has an impact on my fitness/freshness numbers, which impact my ability to prepare properly for racing each weekend.


Many thanks

Thomas Willan