Time Stamp on Strava Files

Minor point but the time is off on the Strava files. I’m guessing the files are stamped remotely by the server time rather than local host time? For example, my Strava upload shows that I started my ride today at 10:42am when I actually started around 4:42pm I think.

Hi Greg!

So, funny enough, that’s the time on Jarvis Island (which is where the Zwift Island is currently set), so Strava is reading the location data and transposing that time.

So is there any way to set that to my local time?  It isn’t a huge deal, but it’s weird.

It is annoying as all my rides are a day behind. I asked and there is no way to change, and it’s too much work to edit GPX and reimport into Strava. Should be a way to edit on Strava, not Zwift’s fault.

Strava makes editing anything a real pita.

Using Jarvis time is actually good because your are riding there, not at home, and you are riding with others from around the world, hence everyone is on the same clock. 

That’s one of the great things with the Island and riding with others globally. It’s just a personal preference, My ride this morning is posted on Strava for Monday and my weekly totals are off a day when I start my rides at 5 am, or 11 pm on the Island. My ride ends today, perhaps Strava could use the finish time, or see that the ride spans two days and give me the ability to change the day. Perhaps a post for Strava, not Zwift.


It’s a nice thought that I’m riding with others, but I can’t say I really care outside of the game.  Once I upload it to Strava, I’m really just in it for the record keeping.

It would be nice if Zwift would provide the option of uploading it with the time stamp corrected for my actual time zone, I think.

Since it takes place in a real location (in order to keep things like elevation and an actual map), Strava adds the time-stamp. Not us.


I know Strava is the one interpreting the data, but frankly, they suck at user requests.  They’ve got their product and they aren’t improving it in user-centric ways any more.

By comparison, Zwift could *simply* change the data before it sends it to Strava to refect the user’s time zone offset.  


Our FIT files are time-stamped to your local machine. Strava changes it based on GPS location.

Gotcha.  Thanks for the feedback.

Gotcha.  Thanks for the feedback.

For those who want to see their ride on the correct day / time in Strava, the Time Adjuster tool on this page can do it in less than 3 seconds. www.fitfiletools.com

BUt i have the same new macronesia time stam p on MY garmin connect and then obviusly on training peaks…

so meanineven uploading it lookaly to GC it stays with the time stamp from macronesia and not my local BRazil time

the other thing is i do not se any elevation info in my GC its just blanc…

any suggestion

My Zwift activities have started to show the wrong time stamp. Date is correct but the Time of day is not?
My other strava users that are on the same session are showing correct time.
The date and time stamp on the fit file are correct, the time on my computer is correct.
for example cycle at 1900 bit shows on Strava as 1000hrs.

While using the IOS app this afternoon for a run (beta I know)- for the first time- the timestamp was wrong.  I started the run around 12:30pm on 7/26/17 however the time stamp was around 3:30am on 7/27/17.  Clock on phone was fine and this is the first time I’ve had this issue.