(Johnny RCCSFC (D)) #1

Can we fix this already… seems simply. In this online/social day the timestamp is important. We all can’t cycle for work like Eric.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

What exactly are you referring to?

(Johnny RCCSFC (D)) #3

can it be set to your local timezone instead of the islands time ?

(Chris O'Hearn Masters (E)) #4

You mean when the data is uploaded e.g. to Strava?

Yes I noticed that - I rode on Monday morning in Dubai and it shows in last week’s total on Strava because on the island it was 3pm Sunday afternoon.

I guess it’s hard to show us as geographically being there while overlaying a different time. It’s effectively ‘pretending’ that we are riding around the island with GPS signals which have a time association. I’m just impressed they can do that.

The time thing is very mildly annoying, not something I find a problem.

(Jon Mayfield) #5

So, I think the tone of your question is a little out of line but I’m happy to explain the situation. The issue is more complicated than it seems, as they always are. Zwift, and everybody else, stores timestamps for fit files in UTC. Strava then corrects the times based on the timezone of the area the GPS logs are in - in our case it’s an island in the pacific. The downside is the times on your strava feed are off, but on the up side Strava will show you who you rode with on the island. We have a request in with Strava to tweak how this works on their side, but it’s a pretty low priority and I doubt it’ll be fixed anytime soon.

(Ron Sines [odz] B) #6

I prefer it as is myself so I can see who was on with me. But its only off a couple hours for me.

(Marlon Kruis TeamODZ (X)) #7

Hi Zwift, any news from Strava on this topic? Especially in case when, like me, you use Strava also for training overview (f.e. Fitness & Freshness overview) 

Thanks for the great work on Zwift! Love to ride on the island :slight_smile:

(Jon Mayfield) #8

I can confirm Strava is aware and they do have a person who’s been looking into it very recently.  I don’t have insight into when those changes might happen as it’s not a trivial change on their end.

(Marlon Kruis TeamODZ (X)) #9

Trivial? Maybe we should invite them on the Island than and crush them on our mountains :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick reply Jon!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #10

Hi Marlon,

I think when Jon says it’s not trivial to Strava, he means that the ‘fix’ would require a lot more work than a small, simple change :slight_smile: