Strava day/Date transfer..

(Myles Willis RGR) #1

After uploading data from a zwift ride from Zwift to strava, The ride goes into the day ahead…


Is this because I am riding in the UK with my PC set on a different time?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Myles,

ince “Watopia” currently takes place on, very real, Te Anau Island in the Solomon Islands, your ride time stamps will reflect this physical location (UTC+11). Will this change? Maybe but not for now as we treat this ride as a real ride and not a trainer ride.

This also means that, for a lot of us, the rides will happen “in the future” and your miles may not show up in Strava until the next day.


(Myles Willis RGR) #3

Thanks for the super quick response.  Silly me I should have remembered! (Probably the jetlag).


Flying to Watopia for the last couple of days has helped the legs no end!


Thank you Zwift! 



(Aaron Troia) #4

I was just wondering about this too, I hadn’t noticed the time difference before but it makes sense, just glad that it wasn’t a issue of file corruption.