FIT File timezone Disparity for Makuri Islands vs. Watopia

Today I noticed that FIT files downloaded from Zwift (via the website) are in the rider’s local time for Watopia, but seems to be the local time for Makuri Islands.

For example, I did a ride today at Makuri Islands, 2022-Nov-30 at 4:21pm Eastern Standard Time (Detroit, MI, US area) and it’s listed as 2022-Dec-01 at 8:21am in the FIT file. I’d done another on Thanksgiving, 2022-Nov-24 in the late morning and the FIT file lists it as 2022-Nov-25 at 2:42am.

Yet a ride in Watopia on 2022-Nov-22 is listed as the proper local date and time for me, not the time where it purports to exist.

Both Watopia and Makuri Islands are represented on GIS data as existing in GMT+11.

Could we have these either consistently in the timezone where the GIS data exists, or the rider’s local time? I would prefer local time so I don’t have to adjust my data, but I can deal with either so long as it’s consistent.