Time Stamps

Hello… I’m new to this Zwift fun and games… i’ve been riding online for around 3 weeks now and loving every minute. After a ride, it uploads to Strava, but the time stamp for the activity is wrong - by usually 4-5 hours.

In Zwift, the time stamp is correct, likewise if i ride outdoors - god forbid - its correct there too, they just dont seem to match between Zwift and Strava - have i messed something up along the way, or is this a common issue?


Make sure that your location is set correctly in Strava – go to https://www.strava.com/settings/profile . The location there defines the time zone for your Zwift file.

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cheers - for some reason it thought that England, was Toronto in Canada! I used to live near Toronto (well, the other side of Lake Ontario) when i was 6, that was some 3* years ago!!!