Strava Upload as "Zwift - mm/dd/yyyy Island"

(Stuart Draper) #1

Good Evening!

I’m no where near as committed as most, but I wanted to use Zwift and the community as motivation to get fit after too many years of doing nothing. So tonight I attempted my first session with Zwift and managed all of 0.3km as I seem to have a puncture (an actual one, not one from Zwift Island!).

Anyway, the ride didn’t seem to sync with Strava whilst using the Windows application, but when I created a new ride I used the Android app at the same time and then used the prompt from the app which *did* end up on Strava.

However, I left the default description on upload but noticed it is in the format “Zwift - 03/23/2015 Island”, is this normal or should it be like “Zwift Island - 03/23/2015”?

It’s too late for a session tonight but cant wait to give it a go tomorrow! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(Craig Pate) #2

Mine show as “03/23/2015 United States Minor Outlying Islands” on Strava

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Stuart,

It appears to be different at varying times. You can always edit those titles later on within Strava so ultimately it becomes moot. :slight_smile:

(Josh Currier) #4

You can also edit that text before clicking the save/strava button in Zwift.  I think it shows “Zwift - <date> Island” because later, there will be more courses than the Island.  At that point, I think it will make more sense.