Strava Upload as "Zwift - mm/dd/yyyy Island"

Good Evening!

I’m no where near as committed as most, but I wanted to use Zwift and the community as motivation to get fit after too many years of doing nothing. So tonight I attempted my first session with Zwift and managed all of 0.3km as I seem to have a puncture (an actual one, not one from Zwift Island!).

Anyway, the ride didn’t seem to sync with Strava whilst using the Windows application, but when I created a new ride I used the Android app at the same time and then used the prompt from the app which *did* end up on Strava.

However, I left the default description on upload but noticed it is in the format “Zwift - 03/23/2015 Island”, is this normal or should it be like “Zwift Island - 03/23/2015”?

It’s too late for a session tonight but cant wait to give it a go tomorrow! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Mine show as “03/23/2015 United States Minor Outlying Islands” on Strava

Hi Stuart,

It appears to be different at varying times. You can always edit those titles later on within Strava so ultimately it becomes moot. :slight_smile:

You can also edit that text before clicking the save/strava button in Zwift.  I think it shows “Zwift - <date> Island” because later, there will be more courses than the Island.  At that point, I think it will make more sense.