Downloaded fit file and has the date 1_30_2015 even though everywhere it says it is 1/29/2015. It's 10:15pm EST

I did my first test ride with Zwift and when I downloaded the fit file the name had tomorrow’s date in it. All other details (e.g. Date in name of ride, actual date) show today’s date 1/29/2015. Perhaps the file naming is based on GMT time?

Zwift Island is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


The time stamps on the .fit file correspond the the real time zone for our fake Island.

OK, it’s a “real” island, but the terrain in Zwift doesn’t match that of the real island it is based on.

Thanks. When I uploaded it to Training Peaks I put it on the day that I rode it and it shows the correct time 1/29 10:58pm. Strava shows it at 1/29 4:58pm. Jarvis Island I think is (GMT - 11). I am EST (GMT -5). I would suggest that there has to be some consistency amongst the file naming and the time stamps when you actually ride. Perhaps based on your time zone where you log in to the game and there’s a special section for what time it was on Jarvis Island. Great game and I’ll be doing some more rides tomorrow!!!