Date formats

I’ve noticed this twice now… you guys should consider mandating international date and time formats in the office culture right now before things get too far down the road. I think a lil YYYYMMDD like 2014-11-19 would keep you clear of any localization issues. I noticed it in the file save default name, and then again in the announcements blog on the forum (which would not be saved by region settings in the client). Probably best to just preach universal formats from go to avoid a bunch of angry Spaniards with torches at the gates in 2015 or something like that.

The saved fit files are YYYY-MM-DD" in your Documents/Zwift/Activities folder. Are you talking about the pre-populated “friendly name” that you can type in when exiting? I used the format Strava uses because that is where the friendly name shows up. Does strava use YYYY-MM-DD automatically in Spain? I didn’t see a config option on the Strava site for that.

Yes - I meant the friendly name. I figure that would port over into strava one day but for now it doesn’t. I don’t recall the Strava format but if it is US-centric then it has issues as well. Glad the file names are “alphachronological”. I was using Spain as a silly arbitrary example but I think trying to keep up with 6/9/15 and 9/6/15 is just more work than it is worth and it is just best to go 20150609 from jump in all place - even casual commentary.

Resurrecting Date Formats. My Zwift Preferences set to UK Flag, Metric Units. DOB entry on zwift is dd-mm-yyyy. All activity sent to Strava and on Zwift Dashboard is mm-dd-yyyy. Non-Zwift activity on Strava is in European Format.

Please can we have user date format selection

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I would like to add my voice to the request for a user selectable date format, or at least one automatically chosen base on the user’s country of origin, for all activities appearing on the Dashboard and sent to Strava.