Date issue

Hi I’m new on Zwift. I have a problem with a activity from yesterday. It has the date of 22-7-2022? What can be the problem? Thanks already

Can you give more details as to how you are running Zwift?
What activity you were doing etc?

I’ve had a look at your profile and you have nothing recorded.

I finished this ride yesterday but cant get in into Strava! The date is wrong and conflicts with Strava

How did you record the ride?

If on a Windows computer you should definitely check the system date of your PC

On a laptop after ending the activity and pressed save

Definitely check the system date.

What i can’t understand is why it’s not showing in your Zwift feed. You have no recorded activities.

System date is correct

Can you look in your Zwift Activities folder* on your PC? Each recorded activity has a .fit file and the label is a timestamp. What files are listed?


This doesn’t address the Root Cause, but if you go to and use the Time Adjuster option then you may be able to get the ride into Strava.

Have todays rides uploaded to Strava?

Also from today ontging uploader, i Will Try tour suggestion tomorrow, Will inform you after

It working now , Thanks a lot