Incorrect date on activities

Hey all, here’s an odd one. Since the weekend Zwift activities are not syncing to Garmin connect, my fitness pal and Strava correctly. They basically have the wrong date and time stamp. Running Zwift on PC with companion app on android phone.

Did a run on Sunday, that dated almost a month previous. Ride today, that dated a couple of days ago.

Viewed the fit file this evening for today’s activity, windows date modded was today but the filename showed 2 days ago. Viewing the fit file all the activity timestamps were 2 days ago but the endtime stamp was today!

Have checked date/time/timezone on pc, all correct. Zwift itself seems to record correctly when I look at activities in the companion app, todays activity is showing most recent in the list.

Any thoughts? Cheers!

I uploaded a couple of rides from Zwift to Garmin Connect earlier today. Dates and times are correct.