Fit file, Strava & Garmin Connect have wrong activity date

Since mid October 2023, any Zwift rides that sync to Strava, Garmin or downloaded as a .fit file have the wrong activity date. For example, the ride I did this morning 8th Nov 23, show the correct date in Zwift, but has appeared in my Strava feed as the 27th October 2023. The fit file also has the date of the 27th October 2023. The ride name, time and distance are all correct.

The only pattern I can see is that the Zwift ride previous to 8th Nov was on the 27th October.

The same issue occurred for the ride on the 27th October, which is showing in Strava with the date of the 19th October. This was the date of the ride previous to the 27th. Again the other ride details such as the name, distance and time are from the ride on the 27th October.

So it looks like the activity date is being picked up from the last activity, but all other details are correct?

I saw another post (97089) that has a similar issue, but no resolution.

Has anyone seen this issue before and identified a fix?

date and time correct on your device you are using?

Yes, the time and date on my device is correct. The time and date of the activity in Zwift is also correctly.

Hi @Philip_Collins welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here.

Just to confirm I’m understanding correctly - when you end a ride - your activities save with the correct date and time in your Zwift activity feed, is that right? This means that your FIT file uploaded to the Zwift server correctly before our servers pass it along raw to the third party servers. Zwift does not alter the FIT file in that process.

Question 1: it’s possible something might be messed up with the Zwift game app on your end, and if that’s the case - a complete deletion of everything Zwift and re-install might help. Maybe. This is a deeper clean than the usual “Uninstall” process. Here’s the how-to instructions.

Q2: are you running any game hacks (altering XML files, or using an overlap app)? If yes - disable those and see if that might be getting in the way.

Hi Shuji,

Correct, when I end a ride, the activity saves to Zwift with the correct date. I can see this on the activity in my Zwift feed online with the correct date.
If I access the activity in my feed on Zwift com and click the cog icon and select ‘download fit file’ the file that is generated has the incorrect date for the file name and within the file data. For example my Zwift activity from the 8th November, has a Fit file name of “2023-10-27-07-56-32 fit”

The only pattern I can see is the date of the fit file is the date of the previous activity in my feed, but the other details within the file (distance, time, elevation, route name) are all correct for the activity I want to download the fit file for.

This issue only started last month. It has been fine for well over a year previous to that using the same device

I will try a deep clean and install of Zwift on my device to see if that resolves the issue

I am not running any game hacks.


Issue resolved!

A complete uninstall and deletion of the Zwift files and then a reinstall has fixed the issue.