New ride not sync'd to Strava, Fit File says Duplicate Activity

Yesterday I completed Tour de Zwift Stage 3 race, event was saved and uploaded to Strava OK.
Today I have just completed Tour de Zwift Stage 3 long ride, but this did not sync to Strava.

When I down load the fit file for todays event from Zwift and try to upload to Strava I get the error ‘ duplicate of activity 3193439172’ which is yesterdays race.

If I download yesterdays fit file it is different to the one I download for todays event (different file size), but it does have the same file name, both yesterday’s and todays fit files show yesterdays date.

Oddly when starting Zwift this morning, it did show a message about an un saved event (from yesterday 18th), so I selected the option to save. This was before I started my ride today.

The other odd thing is I am running Zwift on Apple TV, normally I don’t bother to force close Zwift inbetween sessions, but the other day I read that it was good practise to do this, so I did force close after yesterdays event, and after today’s event. Not sure if this is related…

Anyone have any idea how I can recover my data.
This was my first ride up the Alp and I was quite happy with my time so would hate not to be able to upload it to Strava and also a bit worried about if this is going to happen on my next event…

Managed to change the start time of the fir file for the ride on the 19th and get it to load to Strave.
This activity actually contained both activities for 18th and 19th, and was able to crop the activity from the 18th, so I now have my Road to Sky route in Strava.
Bit of a hack but at least have something logged now.


Hi - can i ask how you managed to change the start time of the fit file. im facing the same issue. THanks

Now you’re asking… I can’t remember what I did last week, so 9 months ago…lol.

But from what I remember I think I initially used FIT files tools, just Google it, it’s a web site that allows you to manipulate various aspects of FIT files. I just used it to change the start time.
This then allowed me to get around the ‘Duplicate File’ issue I had when trying to upload to Strava.
Once I got my file uploaded into Strava I discovered that it was my last two rides combined into one file (I already had the first ride sync’d in Strava).
Luckliy Strava has an option to Split or ‘Crop’ a ride so I was able to cut the two rides down to just contain the latest one.

Good luck, hope you manage to get you ride uploaded…
If it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen, right…

Thanks Dave. That worked a treat. It was The Uber Pretzel so you can imagine my annoyance.Now sorted. Thanks :pray: