Failed to upload to strava and zwift file incorrect

Hi - I started a zwift ride and my device died, so i plugged in the charger, logged back in and it asked me if i wanted to continue the ride which i said yes to.
I then completed my ride and posted to strava, the strava activity is the original 2 minutes before my device died and not the main ride.
So i deleted the strava activity, downloaded the fit file from zwift and uploaded that to strava, that also was the 2 minute ride, yet in zwift, the activity is the full main one.

How do i download the fit file for the complete zwift ride and not the 2 minutes before my device died?

Hi @Billy_Patel

Sorry to hear that this has happened. It sounds like the fit file for the rest of your ride didn’t save properly. That’s not how it’s normally supposed to happen, there should have been two fit files, but sometimes when things like this happen, the fit files get written weirdly, can be over written, or not saved properly. We’re sorry this happened, but there’s most likely nothing that can be done at this point.

If you’d like to reach out to our support team, we can see if anything can be done about any missing drops, xp, etc. Please include any screenshots that you can that might help.

Hi there,

had the same issue today. I was disconnected at 2.1 km and was asked to resume the ride. I did and finished the route Tire-Bouchon and got the XPs for the route as well. But only the 2.1 km ride was uploaded to Garmin and Strava. Trying to manualy upload the fit file did not work. The funny thing is, that, in the my Zwift feed, there are 67.2 km indicated and a screen shot of the reward for the route, but the map only showed these first 2.1 km.
I tried over 2 hours to upload the fit-file to Garmin and Strava, but I failed. very disapointing, that my ride seems to be lost :frowning:

yeh pretty much what happened to me, i do feel this is a bug that needs addressing. From now on i dont use the resume feature, i just start the ride again. A pain but i would prefer to have the stats available in strava for the main ride.

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Yep, happened to me this morning as well while chasing Everything Bagel in NY. In Garmin Connect and Strava, it only shows my ride for the original 2.84 miles. When I download the fit file from the 26.1 mile ride from Zwift, and try to upload it to either Garmin Connect OR Strava it says that the route already exists. Furthermore, when I look at either event: 2.84 or 26.1 rides, the map stops at 2.84? I wish I would have done the same @Billy_Patel!

Hey @JohnP, I’m guessing this might be something to look into if it’s happen to more than one Zwifter? I have contacted support and I’m hoping there is a way to recover the “full” fit file. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Hi @TDFischer

Sorry to hear that this happened. When a connection to our servers is lost, and you resume the ride, in a perfect world, the new fit file should be created and you’d be able to stitch the two fit files together to create the full ride. That being said we’ve seen at times that this doesn’t happen and the new fit file isn’t created and there’s nothing that can be done.

What @Billy_Patel said is a good practice to do when this happens, but since you’ve reached out to our support staff, I’ll let them handle it from here and let’s see what they say. I do appreciate you bringing this up though and will be looking for more issues of this happening to see if a bug has crept up.


Thanks for the quick response @JohnP, I appreciate it and will definitely take @Billy_Patel ’s advice should it happen again.