Strava Time incorrect

Zwift fit file give strave the wrong time, for running events

Strava is aware of the issue and we beleive they will be fixing that issue in the near future.

I have 2 issues…

  1. My ride hadn’t got uploaded to strava

  2. I rode 50.1km in about 1h 52m, which was shown at the end of the ride.
    However in the zwift dashboard it shows as 44.8kms and 2h 16mins

How can I correct these in future?

Sounds like the final copy of your activity didn’t upload properly (maybe due to internet hiccup or our servers being down for a bit tonight for maintenance).  If you’re on a PC or Mac you can find your final “fit” file in your Documents/Zwift/Activities folder on your computer, and upload that to Strava.

There is no current way to upload a fit file manually to Zwift, so that data there cannot be fixed at the moment.