International standard Date Format

How can i can the Date format in my feed, to international standard , it doesn’t seem to come up under metric setting or a seperate setting… its hurting my brain, every time i look at my feed, trying to work out what day i used the trainer

If i look at my feed the date shows correctly as 28-01-2024

what platform/version are you on?
I’m on PC. Windows 11,
it looks like your imperial, which means the metric/Banana version, has the wrong code for each setting

I’m in Canada and see it as MM/DD/YYYY. Drives me nuts though when I’m looking at my peak power stats as I can’t remember if 04/03/2024 is April 3 or March 4th.

Yep windows 11 on a laptop

Top right corner there is a flag on the Zwift feed page. Make sure it isn’t set to the USA (or European Union.- English).

Set the flag to the UK and it will be day-month-year

Set it to Canada or Japan if you want year-month-day

Hi @John_Farrell1, thanks for reaching out to us through this forum thread.

Could you please, try to change the date format from the Zwift companion app by following the steps provided by @Aoi_Niigaki?

I would appreciate it if you could let us know any update on this situation.

i have set it to the uk, but officially i think it stinks that you don’t have registration for Australia(where i am physically located) in the Asia pacific section of the countries available, its like Australia/EnZed and the south Pacific don’t exist, even though you use Australia in your courses, please explain, why we can exist digitally to ride, but existentially we don’t exist, like its the flat earth theory again…

reply as below, forget to reply to your request