Date format in

Am I doing something wrong? My date format is mm/dd/yyyy but this is the only place where Zwift shows the wrong format - dd/mm/yyyy is what I am after.

My browser is set to English(New Zealand).

Same for me. I assume they haven’t tried to internationalise or localise that part of the UI.

It’s probably just an oversight, because the activity feed itself is localised (I’m set to UK).

Hopefully it’ll get fixed, because having to translate from the US date format isn’t difficult but it is a minor annoyance.

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Don’t know why but seems ok for me.

That is odd.

As far as I can see, everything is set to UK for me.

  • using
  • nationality set to United Kingdom
  • “Choose your country or region” set to United Kingdom
  • view source shows <html lang="en" data-locale="en-gb" data-region="uk">

It’s fine for me on Firefox and Edge, so I guess it’s a Chrome bug.

image Firefox / Edge

I tried logging out/back in, doing a hard refresh, clearing cookies and local storage etc.

Just checked my feed - correctly showing UK date format for me in Chrome, though I was convinced it was not the correct format yesterday.

As an aside I’ve checked a couple of screenshots I grabbed back in December and it was showing the correct date format then as well. So whether it was a temporary bug yesterday, or (more likely) I can’t remember anything correctly these days and thinking there was an issue when there wasn’t.

Another UK user here with my date format correct for this.

Well I’m even more puzzled then.

I checked the response from that has the base data in it, and that’s all in ISO 8601 UTC.


So it must be whichever bit of JavaScript takes that data and populates the Fitness component.