time zone option

It might be nice to offer the user the option of posting time in the fit file as real time zone or the simulated ride location zone. this gives the option when uploading to your club Strava feed of having your ride time fit correctly in real time.

Short answer: we’re looking into solutions to this, but it’ll probably take time.

Longer answer: We’ve mentioned this to Strava. Ideally we’d be able to use your actual time zone rather than the GPS time zone - but we also want Strava to still be able to detect when two users rode together. It starts to get a little complicated on Strava’s side of things.

Please look into it… shouldn´t be a big deal for you. It is really anoying to change the time everytime manually.




ayyy admin fix this f…kin lug with time zone,  I’m not training a 3am and don’t want spend my free time for fix date manual.  just make option TIME ZONE!!!